If you’ve ever wondered if there’s a place where the earth meets the sky, then you’ve never seen a sunset in Tanzania. Although vast and incomprehensibly beautiful, the journey that begins in what I refer to as it's “Northern Necklace of National Parks” is a compact, but surprisingly diverse living slideshow that begins in the shadows of Kilimanjaro in the misty volcanic lakes of Arusha National Park, down into the dry riverbed of the Great Rift Valley, past the Cradle of Mankind at Olduvai and the Ngorongoro Crater, and concludes on the wide open grasslands of the Serengeti.

The very best kept secret about Tanzania is that the compactness of this “northern necklace” of national parks keeps the cost of your transitions inexpensive, without you really knowing it. Please find the following images from one of Tanzania’s best value lodge circuits -- Asilia Lodges. www.asilialodges.com